Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So read the headlines of an article in a recent issue of the Melbourne Sun-Herald (Victoria, Australia).

I sat up and took notice!  It now had my full attention so I read on:

"Slender models and clothes draped over stick-thin mannequins in shops have long caused women untold anguish."

Well, they're right there!   The article goes on:

"Now British department store chain Debenhams has made a step forward in promoting body confidence by becoming the first high street retailer in the UK to permanently introduce size 16 mannequins.

The mannequins will be used at its shop in Oxford Street, London, and appear alongside size 10 dummies on all women's fashion floors, before being introduced in all 170 Debenhams' UK stores".

This must be one of the best Christmas presents size 16 (and plus) women have had for decades.  One can hope that Australian chain stores will see the wisdom in making a decision such as this, and do something similar.  It's about time.

I, and other like-minded professional women, have put this idea and suggestion forward to the retailers here in Australia for decades without success.  Perhaps now they'll realise that their customers are not all size 6, but include the curvaceous and everything in between.

(Clipart is of the famous "Elle" plus size doll).

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