Thursday, April 24, 2014


It’s amazing how often you’ll hear a woman say, “I’ve got nothing to wear”, and yet her wardrobe is crambed full of clothing that so often is never taken out either to be chosen to wear for a certain occasion or for that matter even bothered about once she has purchased that piece of clothing.  (How often do you find a woman say that the swing ticket is still attached to something she bought a year or more ago!)
On the other hand a wise woman will choose garments that she can wear in a variety of ways, especially if she is able to buy well designed garments in various colours.  Then it is possible to build up a wardrobe of outfits that always look different and can be worn for both dressed-up as well as dressed-down occasions.

As we enter the colder months of the year, it seems the “fashion doldrums” hit most of us and we tend to think to ourselves that there’s nothing really new we can do to make our chocen clothing more interesting.   Yet it doesn’t take much imagination to choose half a dozen basic garments, duplicated in say two different colours, and voila, we can have outfits for at least twenty different occasions.

Take this range from Taking Shape for instance.   We have three quarter leggings in black and chocolate; cardigans in black and camel; tops in red and black and flares (not for everyone but certainly many of us).   Now just take a moment and then choose a different mix-n-match make up of these same garments.   For instance - red top with camel sleeveless cardigan and flares;  black top with black three quarter leggings and camel sleeveless cardigan;  black tp with camel sleeveless cardigan and chocolate leggings;  camel lares with black top and black longline cardigan and so on.  Try and get as many different outfits that you can from the same garments.  Get the picture?   

It really comes down to how far your imagination will allow you to go, and then looking outside that square!   Try it.

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