Monday, March 9, 2015


It's a funny old world.   In one place it's summer and another it's winter.

Europe is heading into Spring, while here in Australia (in some States at any rate) we'd heading into Autumn.  The seasons are definitely changing for here we have flowers such as camellias ready to flower in March whereas their usual flowering time is around October.  But then it's not only the seasons that seem to be out of kilter, it's fashion too.

But don't get into a panic.There are some lovely designs and garments around, if you just take the time to look for them.

Evans in the UK have some beauties this season.  At last someone has realised that a clever (or smart) design can lift a garment above the rest.
Take for example their dresses that have distinctive shaping all bcause of colour placement.

Because the floral is placed in the centre with a plain fabric on either side, these garments enhance the female form and give the impression of a smaller size (that's if you wish to have a smaller size!)

I notice also that Evans have some lovely kimonos (which we used to call Dusters).   These are striking for the woman who likes to disguise certain elements of her shape and a garment such as this does the job nicely worn over a dress or pants.

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