Friday, May 1, 2015


As you all know I don't always write about "plus-size" issues, whether they be gripes or commendations.

Sometimes we become far too serious for our own good.  For don't we often hear and in fact even say to others ourselves, that laughter is the best medicine.   I realise this post is a little off-key from anything "plus-size, and I know I am sometimes considered a little "weird" in my sense of humour, but here goes.

I thought today I'd include a terrific Youtube of Pam Ayres, telling the story of Dad's Hand-knitted Swimming Costume.  Pam Ayres' humour is infectious and I hope you enjoy this video and that it will bring a smile or two, certainly a few giggles and even a loud laugh.  

For we need to laugh more often.

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