Thursday, June 14, 2012

Retailers doing it "hard"?

We're being told that the retail industry is in the doldrums.   Especially the major retailers.

Does this explain why there are "sales" going on constantly?   I'm not sure.  But one thing I am sure of is that it doesn't matter what country you may be talking about, there are certainly clothing "sales" being promoted and advertised.  Some up to 50-60% off, and more.

One small thing that worries me sometimes is whether this clothing is priced too high to start off with?   Or are the retailers over-stocked?  Or is the quality of the garment impeding its popularity with potential customers?  I've got my own thoughts on this question.

However, do take advantage of some of the sales that are on the web at the moment.  Here in Australia - Undercoverwear.  Over the years Undercoverwear have extended their ranges into normal clothing.  Here are two tope , the first at $15 and the second which I can vouch for.  It's one of the most comfortable tops I've come across.   Honestly how could you better the cost of this at $4?   And there are some in the size 26-28 range.

Then there's this top from Evans - UK.  This is nicely styled and different to most you see in the emarketplace.

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