Monday, June 4, 2012

Thinking of summer!

Now, I'm known to have a quirky sense of humour.  But I just couldn't resist including a couple of lovely swimsuits in today's blog.   What made me think of summer?   Well, I've just been watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations which included the Royal Barge sailing down the Thames with a flotilla of thousands of boats.  In the pouring rain - heavy fog and everything in between - and it's supposed to be summer over there, isn't it?

Me? I'm shivering in about 7 degrees, trying to think "warm" thoughts, and inevitably those thoughts turn to the summer time.  So naturally swimsuits are a part of summer.   Hope you get my drift!

Here are a couple of swimsuits to appeal to your summery thoughts - and of course if you're planning to go to the tropics within the next week or so, then why not take advantage of getting something really snazzy to wear.

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