Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It looks like common sense is taking place!

As an early advocate of self-acceptance here in Australia, there have been times over the past 40 odd years that I have felt we, the plus-size or curavaceous of the world, were hitting our heads against a brick wall.  In fact many brick walls.

While the media and the fashion industry still have a long way to go in overcoming their discriminatory attitudes and lack of respect for the more generously endowed, the internet has made an incredible impact upon the thoughts of many open-minded and like-minded business women as to the need to adapt to meet the needs of the plus-size, rather than to pretend we should be kept in the background.

It still astounds me that "plus-size" providers and suppliers of fashion insist on using models who may at the most be size 14.   And slender 14's at that.   But it gives me great joy and satisfaction to see suppliers who have recognised the need and demand to model their clothes on women with generous curves.

Let me show you some:

The first three photos:   Penningtons(Canada) - unfortunately they do not ship to Australia - but it's the size of the models that I'm wanting you to view.

And Igigi (USA):

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