Friday, September 21, 2012

Aussie Self Acceptance©

we can achieve what we want, 
by relying on our 
womanly wiles, wit and wisdom!

The big women of Oz (and the world) believe it's time all BIG women should combine their collective needs and wish-lists with which to present to people in all areas of society, including designers, manufacturers and retailers and especially the media.

These needs and wish-lists must also include submissions to professional people  - medical, health and fitness, hospitality, and education.  Not to mention transport.

It's not only wanting to be able to buy a garment that fits, But it's also the small things in life such as:

*  expecting and being given a decent generous sized gown when attending hospital or having to have an x-ray or mammogram

*  being able to sit comfortably in a long-haul bus or plane and to have the pleasure of being able to lower the food tray so that it sits nicely on our lap (it's up to the engineers to figure that one out!)

*  being able to visit a beauty therapist knowing that the bench will be wide and stron enough to hold the client

*  being able to attend a gym for work-outs knowing that there will be no sniggering or giggling by other participants - because the programme will have been styled and planned with the larger person in mind

*  being able to go swimming without any rude remakrs by ignorant people around

*  being able to relax and enjoy a meal and the surroundings at a favourite restaurant without innuendoes (said and unsaid) from other guests and staff about the choice of food or the amount of food eaten (who's to know that you haven't "fasted" for two days knowing tht you were going out for a special occasion and wanted to enjoy everything about that outing?)

*  being able to find chairs in cafes and restaurants that are decently designed and more especially strong enough to hold ANYbody let alone a person with more generous ampleness.

It's no longer acceptable that the plus-size be blamed for their size as to why they're never comfortable in these places - just look at some of the types of chairs available in local coffee shops as well as up-market restaurants and you'll see what I mean.  Including the ubiquitous plastic chairs.   They are made cheaply and they can be downright dangerous to sit on, for anyone heavier than a three year old!

Maybe there's a long way to go - so?

There's a long way to go and we're in for the long haul.  We realise that.  But we're still enthused and filled with anticipation.   For we only need to look at may of the websites and blogs of younger women who have been faced with the same ostracism and discrimination that we've been privy to over decades but who have had the courage to say - Whoa!  No more.

Do we actually realise we have more opportunities to be heard today than a any time in the past and we have the opportunity of having our stories and our opinions shared and read and debated upon.

But we need to get our act together.  What success will we have in breaking down the last BIG discrimination if we don't strive together?  What's the use of me standing up and telling everyone that I'm tired of being at the receiving end of rudeness and hypocrisy when I can't be heard above the clamour of the crowd?  It's only when like-minded women pool their frustrations and grievances, make lists of suggestions,  give their points of view and express their feelings, that anything will happen or will change.  We're standing centre-stage while the rest of the world looks on.  Let's get it right, first off.

The time is right, the mood is set, and it's up to us to pursue this endeavour with strength, determination, resilience and a sense of humour.

As the waterfall said to the rocks:

"Don't worry, I'll wear you down in time"

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all at that place where we can gleefully thumb our nose at fashion experts who tell us what we should and shouldn't wear (even if it was available out there in the marketplace), and add a sparkle of humour to inspire others to laugh, love and live life to its fullest - AND widest!  

And don't forget:

"It's in the travelling not in the arriving 
that acceptance is gained 
(even SELF acceptance!)"

© 2012 R Parry-Brock

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