Thursday, April 4, 2013


A woman in the corporate world needs to feel confident in how she looks.   For there's nothing surer, if she looks good, she feels good.   Regardless of her age, size or shape.

TS14+ is an Australian company that supplies lots of practical every-day clothing, and their casual wear is sometimes funky and trendy.   Today however they also have a lovely selection of corporate wear that will enable any working woman to look smart and stylish when mingling with her many work colleagues.

With their Suiting range of sensible pants, leggings, long skirt and jacket, it's a matter of switching the contrast colours of a shirt or top, with a scarf, handbag and shoes or boots to match, plus some jewellery and we have a veritable wardrobe of options to choose from each day.

Visit the TS14+ website.   Their sizings go from 14 through to 24.

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