Thursday, April 25, 2013


A large percentage of plus-sizers prefer to wear black;  it is of course now accepted as a "colour", which certainly makes sense to me. The explanation that scientifically, black is not a colour as it absorbs all the colours of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them, doesn't quite gell with lots of people. The black clothes in my wardrobe act as a magnet and enhancer of colours when mixed and matched, and I'd hate to think that when I wear black everything else is absorbed! Think about it. So therefore in my eyes black is a colour.

But let's get down to tintacks. While I love black and white (and I've frequently written about wearing white), it's nice to see this season that designers have taken up the idea of combining black with red. Even Bill Blass, Fashion Designer has gone down in history as saying:  "When in doubt, wear red."

The combination of black and red, used wisely, flatters and slims.   See if you agree with me.

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