Friday, June 7, 2013


There's no two ways about it - the opportunity to "dress up" every day of the week is becoming more available as more and more stores go on-line.   The majority of these stores that have taken up the challenge of selling their garments this way have built up very high reputations and it augers well for the purchaser.

By the same token, and I don't know how many other readers find this, but I quite often will see something on-line from local outlets, yet will go into their actual stories just to see what the garment is like and more importantly the quality of the fabric and the sewmanship before I buy from a salesperson - in other words I do like face to face purchasing.   I realise this is not possible when buying offshore.

But let's get down to tintacks.   It's just about the Queen's Birthday weekend here in Australia (and of course we know that it's not actually her real birthday, but we celebrate it anyway and there is a historical reason for this.)  

So I figured that it doesn't matter if you're in Australia in Winter or Europe in Summer, you can still be a Queen whether for a day, a weekend or every day of the year.

Here are some examples I found this morning - and that's not even counting the accessories or jewellery!!


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