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There’s an art to wearing clothing.  Some people merely throw something on and expect to feel and look good. Others go all out to buy the latest trend or fad and then become disappointed that it doesn’t suit them. Ask any woman, and particularly a plus size woman, and she’ll tell you she has things in her wardrobe that she bought thinking they would look as good as they did in the store, only to find that they sit unworn and unloved from that time forward. All because - they’re the wrong colour; the wrong style/design; the wrong size.

Walking down the street, or even leafing through a magazine, you’ll come across fantastic fashion. In my humble opinion this garment is just STUNNING.  

What makes it work even moreso are the boots, and because most of us aren’t able to find boots that fit, we’d probably find that this garment on us wouldn’t look near as nice as it does on the model.

Yet even though this garment is in a neutral colour, and the model has the same coloured boots as well as colour co-ordinated jewellery, it doesn’t look boring. It’s just right. For her.

Too often we overlook the obvious. Just because we’re growing older, or find we’ve too many responsibilities and haven’t got time for ourselves; that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spoil ourselves with flattering clothing.  Now, I’m going out on a limb here because many (and I mean many) of my friends find they can no longer afford to dress the way they used to.  It’s a combination of money becoming tight;  jobs being lost;  mortgages rising;  and kids needing a lot more financial assistance into their twenties, thirties and even forties!  Then there are life-changing circumstances.  This means that our “wardrobe budget” suffers!

A change of attitude needs to come into the picture. Accessories always top the list as pieces of clothing that can make a difference to any look.  Add an interesting scarf* or a large piece of custom jewellery to a shirt or even some of the better designed tee shirts, and you have “lifted” the look immediately. Op Shops have “grown up” in recent decades - no longer are they the “second-hand” (worn out) clothing stores, now they are patronised by women from Toorak and South Yarra as well as women like you and me.   Bargains galore if only you have the eyes to see them.   I visited one only this past week looking for a small milk jug.  What I found was even more startling.  A pink satin dressing gown which is reversible with a black satin side heavily embroidered in the most luxurious satin threads.  Parting with $5 was never quite so pleasant an experience!

But let’s get back to the younger plus size woman now.   

I had never heard of Beth Ditto until a friend Liz in the UK mentioned that Beth had joined with Evans (one of the leading plus-size fashion stores in Britain) and had brought out her collection of clothes for the younger woman.

From what I can gather Beth is also a singing star so how better to promote her garments than “on stage”.

These pics will give you an idea of how a young plus-size woman sees the world of fashion. She’s not afraid to show off her knees either!

  • Talking about Accessorising with scarves I heartily recommend visiting myscarfworld, a blog written by my very special friend Jane in New Zealand.  Pop over and visit her at   Follow her posts.


I love some of the modern clothing that drapes around the body. While the majority of garments are designed and aimed at the younger woman, I believe that older women (and plus size women) can adapt these garments to their own style. This outfit of two colours - grey tones contrasted with mulberry/claret coloured long scarf and leggings would suit me. While I would combine the tunic tops with mulberry/claret coloured pants (rather than leggings) and grey flats instead of boots, with a long flowing scarf around the neck, I would feel as feminine/feisty as the next person!

It’s all in making fashion work FOR you; rather than trying to change or adapt yourself to wearing fashion that you may not feel completely comfortable with.

© 2013 Rosemary Parry-Brock, Victoria, Australia

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