Thursday, August 15, 2013


Whatever anyone tells you, there is still a lot of discrimination towards women in the workplace.  Whether it's on the production line or the CEO's office.   That discrimination covers a whole variety of attitudes and situations, from equal pay through to basic respect.

When the woman is seen to be "plus-size" then another lot of barriers are placed before her.  "She never fits the criteria of being a top flight professional" is one explanation I've heard countless times.  Because?   Most often it's based on nothing more than she doesn't have a great choice of professional clothing because of her curves.  (The majority of designers don't realise that curves MAKE the woman!)

But Monif C has done it again.   She's not only brought out a new collection, but it's definitely not dull and ordinary.  It's bright, vivid, vibrant and sassy.  (Makes me wish I was back in the top office again - I'd show those who used to scoff at me a thing or two!)

Here's two examples.

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