Monday, September 23, 2013


Spring has arrived!   With that ecstatic announcement I'm wondering what the fashion trends will be, or are, for this special season (but then aren't all seasons special?)  I haven't seen much in the way of "different" clothing from winter time but it's probably out there somewhere.

The most recent post I had was of the "stressed out" or "distressed" jeans which have made a return!   I'm still curious about the fact that these things seem to be SO popular. But then - fashion?   What is fashion?

Yet as most of you already know this blog is dedicated to women of ALL ages, sizes and shapes - after all, isn't that my motto?

So it was with great delight that I discovered a couple of weeks back the return to our television screens of that most delectable creature Phryne Fisher; a clever detective I would have you know, as well as being a millionaire in her own right.  Set in the 1920s this show has everything you want - gangsters, murder, skullduggery, larrikans, people of good repute as well as bad repute.

But it's Phryne and her costar, as well as the other cast members who make this show so enjoyable.  Oh, I haven't mentioned the fashion have I.   Well, for those who don't study fashion with the same critical fascination as me, here's a couple of shots from the recent shows.   Now, I'm well aware that Phryne (or Essie Davis who is the star) has that lithe, svelte, slim figure that shows off these clothes so well, but let's face it, a few curves won't hurt anyone, and good fashion will look good ANY woman, regardless of age, size or shape.  Perhaps it's more a matter of STYLE than fashion that should be the focus in our lives.

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