Sunday, September 1, 2013


I couldn't believe my eyes.  Honestly!   For out of the blue, and apparently by popular demand, some of our suppliers are including "distressed" jeans among their collections again.

Now I like fashion, in fact there are times when I really like the latest "trends", but when I see clothing that looks as though it's been pulled out of the rag-bag, then I start wondering what it's all about.

'Cos these garments aren't cheap - in fact they're up there with the expensive prices.   You won't get much change from $100 dollars, and just where can you wear such a garment and think you're looking good?   Or am I biased?   Or too old-fashioned?

(To those people who have experienced economic "recessions" over recent decades and had to make do with old clothes,  they'll be as stunned as I am, because even patches would make these garments look colourful - but then who am I to criticise?)

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