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This fabric is one that I've been asking about for years.  Even searching on the internet there are differing explanations and answers.  

My initial questions was this:  is "ponte" the style or the fabric.  If it's the fabric, then what makes it distinctly different to any other?   It was as though I'd asked a "nobody knows" question, for no one not even those who use the material in their seasonal selections, could, or would tell me.

So I started searching for more definite answers because let's face it, manufacturers and suppliers of fashion are selling us a product that they seem loathe to describe.   Why?   Maybe a lot of them don't even know themselves??

This is what I've discovered (so far).   It is not a natural fabric (of course).  Don't jump off the train yet, because a lot of explanations you get contradict each other.  I've been told that it is 100% polyester, yet others tell me it is a combination of more than one element.  

What it does appear to be is a combination of Rayon, Polyester and Spandex.  

Ponte holds its shape because it is a "double-knit interlock" (tightly woven).  It offers stability and firmness as well as flexibility and softness.  This fabric suits many garments, dresses, jackets, pants and holds it shape.   Ponte is seasonless and very travel-friendly - it resists wrinkles and creases.  It doesn't fade, either.

As far as corporate (professional) wear is concerned, it is excellent in separates and co-ordinates such as jackets, pants, skirts and vests.

For those women whose body shape fluctuates (adding a few pounds, then shedding again), Ponte garments are a life-saver.   They are extremely comfortable and easy to care for.

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