Monday, October 28, 2013


Living in Melbourne does bring with it a great sense of never quite knowing what the weather is going to be on any one day.  In fact it's more like never knowing what it will be hour to hour!

Of course the climate of any city reflects on what we wear.  Or should I say what the suppliers and retailers "DECIDE" we should wear.   Me, I'm a great believer in layering during the cooler months and I've been known to wear summery garments on the colder of days - I can get away with it because I'm confident in what I'm wearing and what I'm doing!

While there is talk about climate change and global warming, and we all know that this is occurring and has been so since the dawn of time, the effect of weather patterns changing in the here and now mean  we need to adapt constantly.  So instead of bemoaning the weather,  it's good sense to focus on things that we have a little control over, and that comes back to what we wear.

Here in Melbourne there is a lull in what the stores are telling us is "fashion".   I'm not sure about the exclusive boutiques, but the stores that sell to women like you and me, have become boring and uninteresting - AGAIN.   It goes in cycles.   Everything looks the same from one outlet to another, while the fabric - what can I say?   Our grandmothers used to say this sort of fabric was only good for washing the floors!  Am I being too critical?   No, I don't think so.   The fabrics on sale are not good quality, regardless of the cost the retailers have on the garments.   But people buy, and the reason women buy in the majority of cases is simply this.  They need something to wear, and while what is on offer through the stores is not GREAT, they'll buy because there's not much else to choose from.  What really confuses me is that the poorer the quality fabric or garment, the higher the price seems to be.   Spending hundreds of dollars on a garment that are more "trendy" than practical doesn't make sense.  (Unless you have plenty of money in the bank!)

So what started me on this?   I found a beautiful garment from the USA that I think epitomises "style" for the plus size woman.   While my favourite colour is red (other than black and white and I know there are people who say B&W are not colours but I'll not go into that at the moment), this garment is a beautiful coral colour. (Well, coral is a shade or two below red isn't it?)

The cut, the design and the styling of this dress is lovely.   The neckline which is between Vneck and sweetheart, and the wrap around waistline enhances the body.

Flowing, fluid, flattering.

What do you think?

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