Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Down to Basics!

Autumn has arrived, although it may not seem so in some ways.   The mornings are a little darker, and certainly on the chilly side, but we're experiencing some lovely sunny days after the morning coolness.  This is a lovely time of the year, and especially as the trees and gardens around us begin to show their colours.

It's good seeing many plus size garments (and when will we be able to dispense with this word "plus-size" - got any ideas?) in florals and pastels.   Solid colours too are appearing in the shops and the possibility of mixing and matching, especially when including some of our favourite clothes already in the wardrobe makes for an exciting Autumn time.

There are also some great "basics" (as in colours as well as styles) appearing in the stores.  Millers is a store that I hadn't visited for some years.  The reason is that I formed the opinion (without even checking) that their sizes only went up to around 16 to 18.  This opinion was based on the fact that Millers staff had told me this very thing.  Mind you, this was a few years back so I had continued to walk past the stores without even bothering going in.  My mistake.

Fastforward to a week or so ago, when I just ambled in to the local store at the Glen (Glen Waverley), and saw to my delight smart pants in short and regular length in a variety of colours - black, navy, grey, brown and beige.   And the price certainly allowed me to buy more than one pair without even denting my weekly budget.   I also bought a particularly attractive white top with lace trim for the same price as a cup of coffee.   (Again, we realise that these garments are made off-shore, and what that implies, but budget constraints dictate what we can afford to buy, as opposed to what we would like to buy).

I see on the website today a very nice cardi/dress which took my eye.   Of course I tend to be a little biased about black and white - certainly my personal favourite combination.

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