Friday, March 14, 2014


Sometimes it gets a little confusing.   There are stores that describe a garment as a tunic and then there are those that describe a similar garment as being a kimono.   It's all in the interpretation.   For quite honestly the names can be interchangeable.

Let's face it.  Quite often a tunic is merely a garment that is meant to "cover up" or be worn as a jacket or coat would, especially in the cooler months.   In the warmer months, a tunic can be a frothy, chiffony, satiny, all-kind-of fabric garment that compliments smart pants, whether long, short or capri length.  It can be a day-time, night-time garment and will fit in for any occasion.

There are times however when tunics can be somewhat disappointing in the variety of fabrics and the sewmanship.  But then suppliers like Nordstrom ( will bring out something fresh that inspires you to add it to your wardrobe.   Notice how the design on the fabric has the effect of creating a border or frame around the main design.   Enough to make this a "must-have" garment for any plus size girl.

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