Tuesday, December 2, 2014

GETTING THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT early without the hustle and bustle!

Hello girl-friends,

It's that time of the year when everyone is looking at their diaries and wondering how to fit all the appointments, all the coffee shop get togethers with girl friends, how to plan for and prepare all the menus for the Christmas festivities, all the presents still to be thought about let alone chosen for family and friends. Christmas cards still have to be written and posted (yes, there are those of us who still prefer snail mail when it comes to giving and receiving of cards - even throughout the year).   Then there are the break-up parties at work, as well as women's clubs and kid's breaking up from school.   What about fitting in a visit to the hairdresser - had you forgotten that?  There's a build up of crowds everywhere;  parking is a nightmare, people in the shopping malls are all getting cross because they're hot and bothered and you still haven't had a moment to think about getting yourself something special to wear whether it's to a Christmas celebration or just relaxing with the family. 

No worries!   Yes, you could venture down to your favourite stores at your local shopping mall, but give a thought to this suggestion.   Hundreds of thousands of other women have thought like yourself, and then decided to buy on-line.  Now as we've all discovered there are pitfalls at any time in buying on-line (I've been caught myself so many times) and while I can't guarantee foolproof that my suggestion will prevent that occurring, think about the lovely selection of clothing that is presently on sale at IGIGI  in the US.

Everything in the above photo is less than $100US at the present time.   There are many, many different garments on sale and everyone I speak to who has purchased an Igigi garment in the past has been thrilled.  I even have one and a half myself.

Let have a look at today's THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:

"Friendship is that voice in your heart that tells you all is well, that you are being guarded and guided, and that you should feel no fear."

'til next time

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