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Yasmine Dress in Onyx Poise

Hello girl-friends

Seems ages since I put up a post, and I've been gently reminded by many readers that they are suffering "withdrawal" symptoms from not having a regular post to read.   Forgive me everyone, for while I have been very busy, posting should have been the one item highest on my list to-do's and it hasn't been.

Here we are approaching the month of December when thoughts are winging ahead to the preparations for Christmas time.   In the US most of the wonderful larger size suppliers are tempting us with their new season's offerings as well as special sales.

See the Yasmine Dress from Igigi

One thing that sometimes worries or bothers me is that many of the Australian suppliers let their clients as well as themselves down by not ensuring their clothes are modelled on women who understand what modelling is all about.   The second thing is that many of the clothes are not photographed on women of size.  How can a size 10 woman dressed in a size 20 dress look like a woman of size 20 in the same dress?   It comes back to perspectives and it's about time that Australian suppliers looked and seriously thought about their presentations.   I guess the third most obvious thing is that many Australian suppliers don't even use good photographers!

So while I'm in the "whinging" mood, let's think about styles.   I don't mean "style" as in elegance, I mean styles as in shapes and cuts of garments.   I'm not interested in buying something that my grand-daughter wears.  Short tunic tops in absolutely terrible fabrics that are obviously made enmasse overseas. Sleeveless as well!  Yoiks - has anybody recently looked at my upper arms?  Let's get real!  My figure doesn't like wearing something like that.  Yet I still want to look "good", I want to look interesting and I want to feel like a woman!

Let's look at Sybils for instance.  This supplier from Queensland has appeared on this page many times over many years (they were originally called Carousel).   Their models are "real-size" models for the garments they are modelling.  Some of our other suppliers should take note for the simple reason that plus size women (and I do wish I could find a more flattering name for us) no longer are content to see stick models flashing clothes that we want to wear.

So I could go on debating this issue endlessly.  Those of you who have followed my newsletters for more than 23 years now know that I've been on this subject until it bores the pants off me (let alone them)!  But I insist that women of size need to be taken seriously in their needs for flattering clothing.  And I shall go on insisting.

Before I go, here's a Thought for the Day:

"Friendship is so beautiful it can only be touched with your heart."

'til next time  

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