Monday, February 23, 2015


“Fat people are often not good at standing up for themselves and on the odd occasions when they do, they are seen as threatening, someone who is quite literally “throwing their weight around.”  Every comedian has a string of “fat” jokes in his repertoire and all of them are degrading towards fat people.  If a comedian relates a joke or story about a sexy woman, she is usually portrayed as a slim, dumb-blonde type of dolly bird with the obligatory big boobs (R'M NoteBook comment: and that's discriminatory anyway.)   

A fat person is never, ever seen as someone who should be taken seriously, who has an intellect, feelings, or a character of any worth, unless of course, and then only sometimes, the fat person is a man.   A fat man is occasionally allowed to have feelings and a character especially if he is cast in the role of the “heavy he-man” type, or the well-to-do business man.  

Fat women, on the other hand, are either cast as the big fat Momma, brimming over with love and earth-motherliness for her children and family, or she’s the best friend, you know, the one who’s always dragged on every blind date to make up a foursome, much to her unsuspecting blind date’s horror.  If a fat girl should dare to express her sexuality in any way she is dismissed as a tramp, a slag, a slut.”

..... The Sensuous Slimmer Carline Buchanan and Sandra Sedgbeer.  

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