Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small annoyances!

Yes.  I've been caught up in a series of weird happenings with my faithful Apple computer.   I closed down one evening only to find the very next morning that everything had returned to the initial default (factory default).   Years of data and material became convoluted and ran into many hiding areas within the hard drive, and this even taxed the "professional" technicians.  So I've been off-line;  I've been unable to keep up with the blog, and I've felt thoroughly isolated and miserable.   That's what modern technology does to us - makes us dependent and reliant on itself for our satisfaction and happiness.

But I don't intend to sit in a corner and mope about it.  It's autumn time here - the "return" to early signs of autumn were encouraging with mild weather, beautiful autumn tints and sunshiny skies.  These are now settling into mid autumn with the promise that colder (much colder) weather is on its way.

I've been looking around to see what fabulous fashion is out there for us, especially the curvaceous woman, but I can't see anything that isn't a re-working of what has been for the past couple of years.  Where is the imagination these days?  (I'm not referring to many of the American designers and suppliers because somehow they just come up trumps with ideas and new designs.)   I cannot believe that here in Australia we don't have eager and "daring" designers who have an appreciation and understanding of the rounder female form, and who are enthusiastic about providing sensational outfits and clothing.  I'm particularly thinking of some of our beautiful ethnic and indigenous women.  Where are they hiding?

I'm not being pedantic, but quite honestly if I look through my wardrobe at some of the "favourites" that I've been wearing and keeping for years now, I see garments that are still flattering to me (which because they are made well still fit, even though my body shape has undergone some "changes").   It comes back to good design, good workmanship, good fabric and good care.

And I'm a great one for believing that just because the weather is colder that we shouldn't bury ourselves in dark, dingy, dull and despairing colours.   Even layering of a number of pastel colours will keep you warm - think Summer/Spring during Autumn/Winter!


  1. Hi Rosemary yes have missed you lately-the joys of technology eh? I hope the matter is fully sorted now. I have also been having some issues and computer keeps crashing.
    I am looking for some warm clothing too, and not having much luck. Mostly my feet are cold though. :)

  2. Hi Jan

    Yep - we're victims of electronic "mastery" - but is it in fact? It just seems like another aspect of being controlled rather than being in control.

    Keeping feet warm is a big problem - not everyone can wear UGG books or even chunky thick sox - especially those with slightly swollen or thickened ankles. I'll be doing a bit of light research on this subject, because it effects thousands of people. Thanks for the reminder on a subject that is important - comfort and keeping warm.