Thursday, May 26, 2011

A sense of balance!

What a wonderful world.   Here we are in Australia in mid-Autumn, experiencing shorter days, grey, grey skies, showers and sometimes storms; cold frosty mornings and chilly evenings.   Our sisters on the other side of the world are experiencing summer heat and all sorts of discomfort associated with getting too hot getting too "sweaty" and the consequences of fungal infections.  

But it's good to keep a healthy sense of balance.   One subject that has cropped up again with many of my US friends is how to deal with excessive perspiration.  While there are many "solutions" put forward, and I've certainly tried a number of them over the years without any success, (ie calamine lotion; cornflour etc) there is one product that I've found to be most helpful.  And it doesn't matter if it's summer weather or winter - the product still works wonderfully well.

The product is called Prantal Powder, an aluminium free antiperspirant.     It dries without clogging and is pleasant to use.

Another aspect of controlling perspiration is a very simple one, and one which has worked for many of my friends and me in fact.   It is NOT to use any deodorant at all - that product merely clogs up the perspiration ducts, and eventually becomes stale, adding to the problems.    Now to many women the thought of not using a deodorant causes concern, but honestly, becoming more aware of a "natural" sweet body perfume soon persuades most that they should never have started the deodorant walk in the first place.

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