Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When things get tough and you really feel that the world is against you
that you’ve been “hard done” by:
that everyone is thinking of themselves and not of you:
when finances get tight;
when health problems arise;
when emotions are taut;
when there is disharmony in the home;
when the kids are sick;
when the kids are naughty;
when the kids are late;
when the kids leave home; 
when the weather is cold and rainy all the time
 (and you can’t get the clothes dry);
or when the weather is so hot that all you want to do
 is to find a nice cool spot and hide away from all the responsibilities you have;
when the next door neighbours are giving you a tense time
-  (perhaps a barking dog that never stops or complaints about your new fence)
when your best friend argues with you over some unimportant matter;
when the car won’t start;
when the last light globe has been used and another pops;
when the bus is late;
when the roof leaks;
when dinner spoils; 
when the washing machine gives up;
when the tradesman doesn’t arrive on time 
(and doesn’t have the courtesy to let you know in advance);
when your Mother or Father decides to do their own thing and separate
 - upsetting your whole life and life-style in even small ways; 
when just about anything that will go wrong does go wrong.

Every woman has been in similar circumstances at some stage of her life;  and especially a Mother.  When you think that you’re in a pickle, try and remember how your Mum handled the situation - whether by laughter or tackling the problem responsibily and within reason and then getting on with her life.   

Don’t think for one minute that the problems of the world are your own private predicaments - life is far too fickle to concentrate on you alone.  Don’t turn against those who care for you and love you (and have proved beyond doubt in previous times and problems that they can be counted upon to stand by you).  Look at them and turn to then for understanding and encouragement - they’ll surprise you by always giving it one way or another without any strings.

For it is in confronting many of these issues realistically and rationally, then we find we have the inner strengths to handle them - to deal with them, and to actually resolve them.  The more we do this, the more experience we gain in building up self-confidence to be able to make decisions for our's (and others) benefit.   We will then be able to act independently or dependently with the assistance of others, adding to each person’s confidence and allowing our friendships whether family, friends or neighbours, to be enhanced.   There's nothing quite like having experienced some of these problems and getting over them;  you feel more secure in your own judgements and instincts, and can more easily offer undestanding and compassion to others who are travelling a similar path.

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