Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. For those who do, or will, receive little tokens of love, then congratulations.  May you be pampered and spoiled and really loved.  However, many women miss out on Valentine’s Day wishes or celebrations. I would like to reassure every woman that she is beautiful and her presence in this world deserves to be celebrated - at any time and all the time.
(a) If no one sends you a Valentine’s card or gift: 

(a) buy (or even pick) yourself a small bunch of flowers and put it in a
prominent place so that when you look at it, it is a reminder you are special

(b) indulge in a special luncheon or High Tea somewhere you don’t normally go – this can be most enjoyable even if you are alone. However, if you know of someone who lives nearby who doesn’t have family , invite them to spend time with you at this luncheon or High Tea

(c) invest in a bottle of your favourite perfume, or a luscious chocolate cake

(d) pack a small suitcase and book into a nice little Bed & Breakfast in the hills; or even an overnight stay in one of the leading city hotels. Spoil yourself

(e) pack a small picnic lunch and go to a favourite park (or even a new park you’ve found, or picnic spot. Once again invite someone you know who may be lonely too

(d) write about your feelings in a small essay for publication in RoseMary’s NoteBook© (the actual newsletter that is, which is quite separate from the blog) - use a pen-name to protect your privacy, but let your feelings out. We can all share with you.

One of the things that most of us have to learn is to love ourselves, just as we are, right now. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, but it’s very worthwhile. When we can love ourselves, then we find we appreciate ourselves for who and what we are. Building upon our own confidence in this way, will open the doors of opportunity to allow other people to see our value – even someone who will in time call us their friend or even in time their beloved. It’s not so impossible.

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