Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flattering your figure

I just love it when fashion designers/suppliers provide us with ideas on "how to" flatter our figure.  Being able to visualise clothes having seen what the experts suggest, makes it so much easier when we go to shop or even to mix-n-match what we already have in the wardrobe.

This is an example of what I mean.   It's from Navabi.com.uk http://www.navabi.co.uk


  1. Rosemary this is a subject I have been talking about recently. As my eldest daughter gets married my attention has turned to what I will wear as mother of the bride. Clothing to fit me is limited and not readily available in Australia. I have been given one web site in USA that makes clothes for special occasions, just have to send measurements for a quote. The trouble with this is buying site unseen has problems. For me I dont think I look nice in anything I wear. I know it will sound terrible, but when you are as fat as me you just look fat. I would love to feel sexy, pretty and do my daughter proud however...
    Thanks for the great blog posts.

  2. Hi Jan

    Lovely hearing from you again. I bet there's lots of activity in planning for such a wonderful occasion. Have you seen the Peggy Lutz site? I know she's expensive but she has beautifully draping garments that flow around the body. And hey, why not look at it this way - you're pleasantly plump - ISH! I never use the word fat now - that's what I used to cook the chips in, but no more! You'll do your daughter proud simply because you're you .... concentrate on having a wonderful time.