Monday, March 5, 2012

It's supposed to be summer!

The weather world wide is a little bit crazy.   The USA is experiencing very nasty tornadoes; Russia is in the midst of winter;  did I hear that it was snowing in Rome?   Here in Australia, there are floods - throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  After a drought that lasted almost 15 years, we're now receiving the rains, coupled with strong winds and lower temperatures than normal.

And the cold weather brings us to the point in looking around our wardrobe for nice, comfy, warmer clothes.  Many of us need to brighten our wardrobe up a bit, because our "favourites" have been with us for not only one year but two, three or even more.  That's what comes of being plus size and finding something really nice - we wear it til it becomes almost thread-bare!  But think outside the square - and see what's available overseas - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

You'll notice that I frequently highlight garments from Igigi - this supplier has some beautiful garments that would suit us for every occasion.  Take time to visit their website.

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