Friday, May 18, 2012

Approaching Winter

There's some nice weather gear around, and I've been especially looking for some nice coats.  Not just ordinary ones, but something a bit snazzier - we all need a bit of snazz during the colder weather.

So here's one from Ezibuy   It's called the Capture Texture Coat (Item No 84297) and is priced at $99.99 (I often wonder why they don't go to the rounded figure rather than ...99 - you can't get the 1 cent change! but there I go off on a tangent again).  Back to the subject of coats.

The Capture Texture Coat goes up to a size 20, so if you're fortunate enough to be a size 20 and under, then have a look at this coat to keep you looking smart during the cooler days and evenings.

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