Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A rose by any other name!

Cardigans come and go.  They're one of the staple basics of any woman's wardrobe, and by whatever name they go by, whether a cardigan, a cardi, a cape (with sleeves) or whatever, they are invaluable when an early evening chill hits the air; or when just an extra layer will give the comfort and warmth the body needs.

There's a lot of talk about the elderly woman wearing the outdated twinset (always with pearls of course!), but seriously I think it's about time that the true twinset had a comeback.  They're so sensible, so practical, so attractive, and ageless (whatever the so-called fashion pundits say).  

I like cardigans, especially those that are different in design.  Such as this one with a ruffle waterfall look about it.

What I do not like about some cardigans (not the one above) is this: 
 Cardigans or any garment that should be wrist length hanging down halfway over the fingers.  Honestly they might be "modern" but they seriously look as though they've been made for much taller women and somehow make the wearer look dowdy.  That's MHO anyway.  When they're handmade, they look as though the knitter lost the pattern and couldn't decide how long to make the sleeves!

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