Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

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Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day is here and we would like to wish all Mothers a very happy day as we celebrate the specialness of womanhood and motherhood.

Even if you are not a Mother yourself, it is still a day when we can all say a great big "thank you" to our Mums for being the amazing woman she is and will always be!

Let's not also forget our daughters who are mothers themselves.  Let us share their joy, and reflect on both our pride in them and their achievements.

At this time too, we would like to acknowledge those readers whose Mothers are no longer with us and to let you know we are thinking of you at this time, too.

I know how close I was to my own Mother; Mother's Day can be both a day touched with sadness yet a very sweet occasion as I recall all she did for me, based on unconditional love.   She was a most beautiful person who gave me the inspiration to see myself as a very special person - not based on looks or size and shape, but on natural and genuine characteristics of the feminine essence.

And to Mums who may have lost children - our loving thoughts go out to you as well.  Celebrate this day in your own special way for you need to be reassured that you are loved - even by your friends at RoseMary's NoteBook. 

So to Mums, Grand-Mums, Great-Grandmums; Step Mums; foster Mums; special Aunties and women who are regarded as "sort-of-Mums"; and Mum's to be; we say - Happy Mother's Day.   May you be surrounded with and by love, physically, emotionally and spiritually, on this special day.

Fondest wishes

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  1. Happy Mother Day~ have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..