Friday, March 15, 2013


Plus Size Retailer Eloquii Calls It Quits

Plus Size Retailer Eloquii Calls It Quits After One Year
Plus Size Retailer Eloquii Calls It Quits After One Year
Eloquii is the most recent plus size fashion casualty. A few weeks ago the Limited brand announced that after a year of offering quality plus size clothing they’ve decided to close their doors and give up on the plus size consumer. If I sound irritated it’s because I am.
When they opened their doors to us, a few of us in the industry knew of them but more could’ve been done to get the word out.  We did our part but if you want customers it’s probably a good idea to advertise. Obviously they think they did all they could to serve the curvy consumer but I beg to differ.
The future of all of their fabulous clothing hasn’t been determined, we have decided to phase out eloquii and we have begun discussions with others who have expressed an interest in the future of the brand and/or its products, the company posted on their Facebook page.
Unfortunately they aren’t the first but hopefully they’ll be the last plus size consumer to throw in the towel.
(This article is from the internet and does not necessarily represent my personal opinion, 14th March 2013).

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