Wednesday, March 27, 2013


For decades now, the subject of store mannikins has been a controversial one to say the least.   We've all been known to ask why stores don't include different size mannikins in their store windows or throughout their women's wear departments.   My enquiries over the years have been treated as "not important".

However, it seems recently that Debenhams (UK) have taken the subject seriously and incorporated "plus-size" mannikins in their stores.  According to the following article which I would encourage everyone to read, Myer Melbourne have done likewise.   This is the first time I've heard about the Myer Melbourne decision and I'm awaiting a reply from them for more information.  As soon as I receive this advice I'll post it.

Let me ask the same question as the writer of the Daily Diva article asks:   "Are we ready for plus-size mannikins"?   I say we are.

Plus-size mannikins - are we ready for them? 

This photo is from the above article and which originally appeared  in a blog from Sweden I understand.     I give acknowledgement to the originator's copyright.

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