Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Give credit where it's due - is an old saying, that is as true today as back when.    And all credit to Monif C of the USA.

Monif C comes up with some great designs and the Fiona Dress is a dress that says to the world - look at me.  

Monif C's writeup for this dress states it has just arrived for spring!  Well, we're in Autumn over here, but this dress would do fine for any occasion in our season and would be as much a hit here as in the USA.

What I love about this dress is its "return to the 50's" look in the front zip, but Monif C has combined another look from that era, by adding a peplum.  So feminine, so flirty.

The fabric in this dress is luxe ottoman which Monif C claims "glides over your curves".  Wow!

Look chic, tailored and sexy in this new design.

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