Sunday, May 19, 2013


Heading into Summer over in the Northern Hemisphere means exciting new ideas as far as plus-size fashion.   For that matter any season brings with it amazing new creations utilitising colour combinations and style concepts that not only inspire us but make us realise that the fashion industry, particularly overseas, is really "getting" what we are all about.    It also allows us here in the Southern Hemisphere, as we experience Autumn and proceeding into the winter months, to be forward-thinking and to add to our wardrobes now from the ranges available overseas, rather than to bemoan the fact that we can't find anything "different" over here at the moment.

I know I promote Igigi as well as a number of other USA companies on a regular basis.  The reason is quite simply because these companies do their homework and they work with models who have curvy and beautifully proportioned plus size figures.   The other noticable point is that Igigi has shown imagination and courage in professionally lifting their model poses to depict young, beautiful, plus-size women as cheeky, vibrant, feminine, flirty women.  Which is, after all, what we are!

I'd recommend you visiting their site and leafing through their latest e-catalogue.  It's stunning - like a picture book of fashion that is bold, daring, innovative and full of style.     The title itself encourages you to turn the pages - Introducing Into the Blue, Summer 2013.  

Here are two dresses from their latest range.


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