Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Is it me, or is it today's trend to wear floppy tee shirts and denim jeans (most of them looking as though they've come out of the rag bag), in the belief that this "uniform" is seen to be the ideal?

Here in Melbourne at least I don't see many women (of any age) wearing attractive dresses.   Why is that?  I look in the store windows even of the leading department stores and see ordinary, look-alike garments that are repeated in the "el-cheapo" stores and which really do nothing to enhance the modern woman.  Again very seldom are there dresses - mainly pants and tops or tunics.

I then look on the internet, and time and time again, see two particular suppliers, MonifC and Igigi with garments that will make any woman look a million dollars.  

Am I right in wondering whether the American woman is more readily aware of what flattering dresses will do for her, or is it that the Australian woman (and I'm talking here of the Melbourne woman) not confident enough to step out in this particular mode of dress.

Now I know that the "young" trendsetter, particularly the corporate woman, will argue because she has at her fingertips and in her wallet, the means to stay with the fashion trends as they appear in Vogue and the top named stores from around the world - and yes, most of these are located in Melbourne.  But I never see any woman whether in the streets of the Melbourne CBD, or the likes of Brighton and even Toorak who are wearing these "fashions".  It's all denim jeans (whether they be $20 or $400) and tee shirts.

But let's get to the reason for this post.   Igigi have again a lovely collection and in amongst many lovely garments is this Wrap Dress.   Igigi's promo for this garment says this true wrap dress falls adoringly along your body complementing all the right areas.  Wear it with the adjustable waist band and matching leather boots and purse.   (It's designed and made in San Francisco, USA).  The model wearing this Gold Wrap Dress is 14/16.  Igigi's garment sizes tend to run larger.

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