Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jackets need extra length!

So many manufacturers (thus suppliers and retailers) seem to think that the plus-size (or more curvaceous) woman only needs something to shrug on, and she'll be happy.

Not so.   When it comes to the length of jackets, it is frustratingly evident that plus-size garment manufacturers don't even understand what shape of body they are supposed to be focusing on.

Most, if not all, plus-size women need a jacket that will cover the bottom and hip.  In other words jackets should be finger tip length.   Not, as so frequently seen, just below the waist.

Oh yes, we do have waists ND let's face it, when the line of the jacket takes the eye further down the leg and we have matched the jacket with a slim pair of pants, then there is a stylish appeal about the appearance.

See if you agree.  Here's a couple of Maggie T's offerings.   Notice the lengths - just right!

(PS - I would still like to see a "real" plus-size model in Maggie T's catalogue/website, but as with many suppliers, most Australian businesses don't "see" that a plus-size is MORE than a size 18-20, let alone girls who are no more than size 10-14 who are their models.  But we can continue to hope!  I do wonder sometimes though HOW Maggie T actally views the situation herself, personally).

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