Saturday, May 31, 2014


My reading "likes" cover a whole range of genres.   Some of my friends think the list is somewhat weird, but tell me, what or who is weird?

I digress.   Wanting just a bit of light reading the other evening, I picked up "The Walled Flower" by Lorraine Bartlett.   I wasn't expecting to see anything about size, but came across this interesting little paragraph:

It starts:  Bastion nodded toward the hostess standing before them.  "Let's go sit down."

A waiflike being -  with no womanly attributes like breasts or a derriere - led them to a linen-clad table set with sparkling crystal, silver and candlelight.  Upon opening the menu, Katie realised the hostess probably couldn't afford to eat here.  Maybe that's what accounted for her lack of body weight.  Katie put the thought out of her mind as the older, more ample waitress appeared to recite the restaurant's specials and take their drink order.

Copyright:  Beryl Cook from her "Girls Night Out".

Just a few little words, but I couldn't help myself saying YES .......... and punching the air.   Someone has had the audacity to write about how things are, not as fiction writers usually beat around the bush.  They say nothing or else they say something disparagingly.   I like the thought of being served by an "older, more ample waitress".  I feel much more comfortable and at home in a restaurant where the staff are different ages, sizes and shapes.

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