Monday, June 2, 2014


More than 50 odd years ago, an artist by the name of Duane Bryers in America, created a cheeky redhead.  He named her Hilda (to many these days an old-fashioned word that would describe a staid, matronly, even bitter thin-lipped woman).  However the more you see of these pictures of Hilda, the more the name Hilda seems to fit her.

(I don't know what Duana Bryers named this partcular picture, but I thought "Satisfaction" neatly says it all!)

But it’s not the name Hilda that is so pertinent to my post today.  It’s her figure - her shape - her roundness - her plumpness.   More than that it is her cheekiness, her fun and carefree attitude.   She takes life as it is, and laughs her way through it.

You know I’ve been around a fair while, and I had never heard of Duana Bryers and I’d certainly never heard of Hilda. Perhaps it is because she is part of American history and unless we had the privilege of purchasing calendars from the States in years gone by, there was no reason why we should have known Hilda.  But I found her yesterday and I believe she dispays ALL the attributes that a plus-size “pin-up” girl needs.   

For one major question stands out to me: 

where during the past 50 years did our self-acceptance, 
our sense of fun at life and living,
our carefree sense of being completely at ease with our own self, 
disappear to?    

Did life become far too serious, far too responsible, far too hard and difficult, that we forgot how to be HAPPY?   

Let’s enjoy the simple pleasures of life.   Being plump and having plenty of curves is something to admire and something to celebrate.   Remember too that age has nothing to do with self-acceptance - you can never be too young or too old.

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