Friday, June 27, 2014

The pre June 30th SALE!

If you're like me, you've become somewhat blasé about so-called Sales.  No matter when you go shopping you're confronted with the large red sale sign in almost every store.   Some of us have realised that we're being "conned" in many respects, because often the sale price is as much if not more than the article was prior to the pretend "Sale".

I've got news for you though - and for the curvaceous woman this on-line store takes some beating.  It's here in Australia and I've been known to recommend it many times over the years.  I do so again.

It's Sybils, based in Queensland.   They have a dinki-di sale going on right at this moment.   If you want something very special then look at their 70% off sale.

This beautiful sequin top is marked down from $139 to $49.50.

This is the type of garment you've got to take advantage of when the opportunity arises.  At least when you get an invitation for a special "do", you'll have just the right top to wear.

(Everyone will be envious and ask where you've bought it - spread the word, Sybil's is an excellent store).

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