Thursday, July 3, 2014


It's the end of the financial year and we're already three days into the new financial year.   So it's not surprising that there are lots more sales going on.  We've said it before but it seems as if this is the time for sales of sales!

Millers is a good example of affordable and flattering wear for all seasons.   We have only just discovered Millers again after quite a break, and our wardrobes are now bulging!

They've presently got a special 80% off sale going on, and here are a couple of specials to whet your appetite.   Animal prints are all the rage and Millers have a special special deal of Tote Bags for $5 with amy purchase.   The animal print jacket pictured below as well as the white and black placket shirt are $15 each!    A bargain - you betcha!

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