Thursday, October 9, 2014


It's Springtime in case you haven't yet noticed.   The gardens and the birds and the bees know it, and have been busy doing what they do with great energy and fun.

We seem to be taking a little time getting used to the changes occuring around us.  Firstly "daylight savings" which doesn't seem to make much sense when we think about it, but who are we to say?  The first week has affected many of us with a general feeling of "jet lag" which is crazy taking into account that it's only an hour we're talking about, as far as our clocks are concerned.

Then there's the weather.   One or two days of beautiful sunshine following crisp early mornings, and then we're back into wearing our winter clothes.

But it's about time we put a bit of a spring into our step - and our wardrobe.

I visited a couple of so-called " boutique stores" last week, and was most disappointed at what I saw.  The garments look nice until I got close to them.  The fabric looks, dare I say it,  washed out and gives the impression that it won't last long.  The "Made in China" label gives a clue.   The prices though are distinctly high-class.  

Then I called into Millers, and found quite a few little items that will make Spring seem a lot closer to those of us bemoaning the fact we haven't been able to find it!   Even for big girls (of any age!)

Looks like long skirts are back in vogue (we won't mention the young girls who are wearing little mini-shorts that may be four or five inches in length.   Long skirts are definitely flattering for the generously curvaceous woman.    The long line top with a low round neck sets off the skirt nicely.   Add a bangle or two and strappy sandals with peeping toes coloured in your favourite nail polish, and you'll have everyone talking.

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