Saturday, September 5, 2015


I have to confess I was “giving up” on a number of the Australian suppliers for not having the courage (or initiative) to seriously look at the plus-size figure as something of beauty to be complimented and enhanced by loving clothing - rather than the run-of-the-mill sameness that has been appearing in our stores for far too long.

But size 22 plus women, want something that glides over the figure - yes, we still have a figure whether you believe it or not.   This is why I was so pleased to see the latest range from TS 12-24 Celebrate Your Curves.   

Taking Shape - the name says it all.  Now the brand is coming up with some great ideas for the woman whose size ranges between 12-24.  What a pity they don’t go into higher sizes!

This is a fabulous tunic/gown.  Called the White Noise Shirt Dress, it can be worn with leggings, slim pants, and if you have fabulous legs (like Maggie T) then black beautiful stockings.

With a button down front, this garment can be worn dressed-up or dressed-down, open or closed.  Large side splits at the sides allows for comfort, especially when sitting.  The cap sleeves (15cm) I would have preferred to be longer, but then if you like layering then a smart black sleeved cami or light tee shirt can disguise the thicker arms that many plus-size women experience.

I love the length of this garment and I also love what appears to be a collar.  Collars always seem to me to add a bit of class - don’t ask me why, but that’s my humble opinion.  

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