Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It’s all got to do with a basic knowledge of what colours suit you and your complexion.  Believe it or not but colours ARE important, not only to how you look but to how you feel.

Let’s face it, with everything that’s going on around us at any time, we need to feel “good” about ourselves.   There’s enough criticism and negativity that is inferred, or said, by others to make us feel less optimistic about ourselves.  That shouldn’t be, and we know we shouldn’t take any notice, but unfortunately there are days when we do.  And we fall in a heap.  We start criticising ourselves.  We vent our anger at ourselves for being too fat, too ungainly, too clumsy, too dull, too boring.  Then we become even more critical on how we dress.

If I turn my thoughts into focussing on “me” all the time, then I lose track of what is important to me, and in my life.  Many women I have spoken and listened to, who have all come to the conclusion that we know what is best for us, agree that when we have basic knowledge of what is good for us, then we can add to it, work on it, and enhance it.  Thus making our lives happier and contented.

When I was younger I wasn’t aware there were most definitely colours that didn’t suit me.  I saw lovely garments in the stores, I went in, tried them on in the store dressing rooms and handed over my hard earned money for them.  Taking them home and hanging them in the wardrobe, it simply didn’t occur to me to ask myself why, after something like 5 years, I had never worn that garment again.  I learned much later it was because the colours did not suit me.  The lighting in the dressing rooms of the stores and my hunger to find something I liked made me lost focus.

That was until I met Susan M of Booragoon, WA.  An Image Consultant par excellence.  Susan took me through the steps of understanding the range of colours and the importance of yellow based and blue based colours.  Now for a long while I couldn’t understand what a “blue based yellow” was, nor a “yellow based blue”.   It took time, and I’m glad it did because now when I see a colour I know immediately what category it falls under.   I’m a “blue based person” so when I go into a store I know exactly what I’m looking for.  My wardrobe is grateful for this knowledge too.

It all comes down to being willing to learn new things about ourselves, and life.

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