Monday, August 1, 2016


When it comes to being flambouyant, there’s nothing quite like a full-circle skirt.  Especially a long full-circle skirt. 

There’s something quite sensual about the skirt flowing freely around your legs and with Springtime not too far off, why not look into adding this type of garment to your wardrobe.

For those of us who are “growing older”, it can quite often become a matter of “I’m too old for something like that”.   Well more to the point what’s growing older got to do with wearing something that makes you feel good?   

So get out there and let your hair down, as the old saying goes, and even if you only wear it indoors, make it your goal to start looking at yourself as a unique, one-off individual.   Age, size, colour have nothing to do with being a woman and enjoying life as a woman should do.   

Our younger women are experimenting with all sorts of variations and trends all the time.  Don’t put off doing something really nice for yourself.

It’s your time you know,  Right now,   Let’s know what you’ve added to your wardrobe recently and what you intend to add in the short term.

'til next time


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