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There are still a number of stores that well clothing up to and including size 18 and sometimes 20.  Anything higher then you have to look around to find what’s there, and more importantly what looks good.  For as you and I know full well, many of the clothes are so mass produced that they begin to look like just plain olf “stuff”.  We know that most, if not all, clothing these days is made in China.

But I’m not complaining.  Ha, you say.  Rosemary’s not complaining?   Well I suppose I am in a small sweet way, but what I’m doing is stating fact. 

There are some good companies overseas, including Making It Big (which now comes under the title of “On the Plus Side by Making It Big” (  Monif C ( and Igigi (  who cater for the more curvaceous woman.   

These are very sexy garments and if I were “brave” I might be tempted!

While I’m not suggesting in any way that any garments from these suppliers are anything but top quality, a lot of women are now coming back to the old-fashioned idea of being able to “see” a garment, “feel a garment” and to look at how it is made (sewn) before buying.  Some are perfectly happy buying on-line and have never been disappointed.  I had a couple of experiences and was extremely disappointed, so ……   (Let's be honest here, my purchases DID NOT come from any of these three USA suppliers!)

Now we come to what is available in the stores here.  Autograph has some lovely garments, including underwear/lingerie did you know?   It’s always worth your while to visit an Autograph store because they do have some great bargains occasionally.   Taking Shape - well I’m on their email list but for some reason nothing seems to take my eye.  But then, as most of you will be aware, I’m not longer “young” (even though I'm still seen as young at heart) and I’ve come to the stage where I have worked out my wardrobe and what suits me, and I stick with the guidelines I’ve set myself from years experience.   So a number of Australian stores that supposedly stock and sell clothing for curvaceous women have a focus on the younger woman most of the time.

I even find (here I go - am I in fact complaining?  Probably).   I find Maggie T garments are attractive but so pricey that I can no longer do more than look at their catalogue (on-line) and drool.  That’s where I’ve gotten to, girls.

I’m also on the mailing list for “In Fashion”, the catalogue that includes Damart and Victoria Hill.  While Damart,garments go up to size 24, many of Victoria Hill garments go up to size 30.   This latest catalogue for Spring 2016 has some really attractive items.   Let me say at the outset that the prices are comparable to those in the stores, but it’s a matter of sensibly working out a mix-n-match outfit and then being able to add items at a later date that will in effect create YOUR own profile outfit.   Let this be the start of something BIG!

Victoria Hill has Jeans, regular lengths as well as Crop,  Tunic Tops, Lightweight Cardigans, Knee Length Crinkle Shorts, a dress or two, tee shirts, sweatshirts, plain and printed polos, skirts, and a selection of jeans, shirt, cami and skirt in Lyocell (which in the catalogue looks very much like Tencel - remember that fabric)  

Their catalogue also has a range of swimwear, shoes, handbags, hats (including floppy hats for the sun!), and jewellery.   Not to mention nightwear and lingerie.

This catalogue is 100 pages, and well worth having a look at the hard-copy.   Again, I’m old-fashioned and like leafing through the catalogue and making my mind up slowly rather than going mad on-line and ordering half a dozen items that I may not like in the long run.

So there, has this given you any ideas?   Perhaps you’ve got ideas of our own that you could share with me, and the other readers of RoseMary’s NoteBook©  Then we’ll all be the Gold Medal Winners.

'Til next time


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