Sunday, September 25, 2016


Springtime officially began here in the eastern states of Australia on the 1st September.

Well!  You could have been mistaken about that, for the weather has been somewhat contradictory.  The cold spell we've had reminds us of mid-winter and this of course has reflected in what we are wearing.   It's almost as though we're asking ourselves "when will we be able to wear some of our lovely summer clothes".

But it's merely a matter of being patient, and making sure that our summer clothes are in readiness for us.  

For the more curvaceous woman, the ranges from Maggie T as well as Autograph meet our young-at-heart feelings - whatever age we are!   For the more budget conscious, then the ranges from Victoria Hill and Danart neet that need as well.   Visit both their websites and view their latest catalogues and then get along to a store or purchase from on-line.

Cotton and linen are favourites this year as well as a lot of stretch fabrics, particularly in pants and crops.   The casual but dressy look is one that will carry you from the home, or business, to an early evening get-together with friends.

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