Friday, November 19, 2010


Rian met us at the coffee shop this morning.   She'd just done her shopping at the local supermarket, and had a trolley full of purchases.   However, in the "baby" carrier of the trolley, sat one huge bunch of luscious pale pink roses.
How did you manage to "afford" roses?, Ginny asked.   "Well, it's like this, I decided to set some priorities today." replied Rian, Gareth (her husband) has been ignoring her lately, and when he left for work this morning he demanded she get two large frozen pizzas for his tea.   Rian decided one pizza would do when she saw the roses.   So Gareth will have one large frozen pizza for his tea - heated up in the oven and then cleverly cut so that he won't know the difference between the quantity of one and two pizzas.   Rian will have a quick little salad of her favourite fruit and vegetables, and she'll also have her bunch of roses to please her senses for a few days.

You know, sometimes we need to spoil ourselves or indulge in nice things that please us - too often we go without.   So if you see something that you would really love to have, and can afford it (even if it means one less pizza for tea!), then why not go ahead?

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