Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Growing older, and then some ......

Wrinkled Was Not One of the Things I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up

This was part of one of those "fun" emails that friends send you to keep you amused.   Mind you, sometimes they annoy you to the extreme.   But our friend Judy is one lady who knows what is going to make us laugh and for that matter what will make us cry, and instead of sending her emails to the junk box, they usually end up on our desk,

So I had to smile when I read those words within this morning's email.    Because in all the wishing and hoping and dreaming that we did during our younger years, did we really ever think about the wrinkles?    Sure, we saw them on other people and then dismissed them from our thinking (the wrinkles not necessarily the other people).  

We lathered Ponds Cold Cream onto our faces and believed the advertisements that told us that if we used their products we would always have the skin that men loved to touch.   Mind you, the cold cream was nice to our skin and we proudly joined the thousands of women who pronounced that it was the product that made them look beautiful, rather than having the beauty already.

But hey, I like my wrinkles.  They're a special and precious part of me.  They tell lots of stories, and they show the world that I'm a wise old lady!  Well, I've assumed that wisdom comes with the wrinkles and I defy anyone to argue to me.

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