Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life-Style Changes

Life-style changes occur in regular cycles for many people.  Of course there are those who have "found their spot in paradise" whether it is on an island in the Pacific or off the coast of Tasmania; or a small weatherboaed cottage in a country town, or even a small flat which they call their own in a suburb of any mighty city, and they don't have need to take stock and think seriously and hard about moving saround.

But for others the "call of the wild" or "freedom" is a constant reminder that they feel out of place, and fulfilled where they are at that precise moment in time.  Because they don't have the opportunity to change things - or do they?

With the advent of the unstoppable and ever expanding communication technologies which are becoming available for most of us (and for many "can't-do-without-ables") women everywhere are becoming more aware of their need to be satisfied with where they are (geographically as well as emotionally) and where they want to go.  How they are going to get there is yet another question which demands answers.

For those women fortunate enough to have their own homes, and/or businesses, and not to be under the threat of "eviction" either from their home or their marriage (partnership) and who have financial savings which can see them even through the foreseeable future, then the world's their oyster, in every possible way.

On the other hand, those women who have suffered emotionally and in some cases physically through bad relationships - whether it be marriage or even by bad parents or friends, need  extra incentives to first of all establish what they want for themselves and then what they want from life.  How they strive to attain it depends on the support of family and friends and sometimes ohly from the support each of us can build up from within ourselves.

Those without financial savings to call upon are quite often faced with quandries that appear too difficult to contemplate let alone to overcome.

However .......

It is so important for each of us to learn to value our own worth.   Our personal integrity demands it.  If we really want something with all our heart and mind, then we should go out and do what we can to assure that goal being reached.  And if it isn't?  Well, you know full well that you have done the very best.  Some might say that you didn't try hard enough or that you didn't really want it in the first place - how do they know?   They haven't a clue - don't waste time listening to them - your self-esteem can't allow THEIR opinions to take over your own goals and ambitions.

You've got to be satisfied with what you do and how you go about improving life for yourself.  Don't be satisfied with less than the best you can achieve.  And don't be put off by the fact that maybe you don't succeed at first try. Nothing that you really want is so easy as to be minimal or attainable without much effort.  Otherwise no-one would bother about setting goals and dreaming dreams of betterment.

We all have limitations.  We all have different needs and wants.  We all have different levels of those needs.  And we all come from different socio-economic-environments.

But don't let any of these things deter you 
in your quest to conquer doubts and to realise your dreams

And why shouldn't we all have dreams?  They're the building blocks of confidence,

Set yourselves some simple little "wants" and go out and prove to yourself that you can achieve them.  It's up to you.


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